Гусеничные тракторы – Shantui 80 HP Series: SD08U


Rated Power/Revolutions
59kW ( 80hp ) /2350rpm

Machine Weight 

Blade Capacity

Blade Width×Height:


?  The turbo charged engine features strong power, high efficiency and energy saving capabilities, and has a large torque reserve coefficient;
?  The extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction;
?  The planetary power shift transmission features a compact structure, smooth gear shifting, high efficiency and a long service life;
?  Forward and reverse motion, gear shifting and steering are all controlled by a single PPC lever;
?  Integrated dashboard design makes observation of machine processes more logical;
?  The hexahedron cab has a beautiful appearance, wide visibility and is very comfortable;
?  Equipped with a universal blade, which is used for excavating, transporting, backfilling and grading in earth moving projects on roads, farms, rivers, urban areas and power plant projects.

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