Гусеничные тракторы – Shantui 520 HP Series: SD52-5


Machine Weight


?  The bulldozer has a module design for easy and convenient disassembly and repair;
?  Adopting Europe III emission standards, the bulldozer is equipped with an air to air inter-cooling electrical control engine, featuring strong power and low oil consumption;
?  Equipped with a hydrostatic torque converter with locking function, the bulldozer features excellent driving efficiency, which is beneficial in various working conditions;
?  The brake system uses a normally closed type, braking after the engine stops for high safety;
?  The working device uses pilot controls for excellent sensitivity and performance, making it easy to operate;
?  The bulldozer is equipped with a low noise cab with ROPS/FOPS, which meets international safety standard, has excellent sealing performance, and indoor noise reaching international advanced levels;
?  Large structural key parts are reinforced in design, improving reliability;
? Suspension travel system allows the bulldozer to function on various complicated road conditions, using effective vibration damping to improve overall comfort and reliability of the chassis;
?  Equipped with large, colorful display screen; bulldozer can monitor itself.

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