Гусеничные тракторы – Shantui 220 HP Series: SD22R


Rated Power/Revolutions:

Machine Weight:
25700Kg ( w/o ripper )

Blade Capacity:
6.8m3 ( Straight Tilt Blade )


Using a swamp bulldozer track, the SD22R landfill bulldozer is able to reduce ground pressure and has excellent maneuverability, easily adapting it to work in landfills which may contain high liquid capacities. Optional attachments include a high positioning warning lamp, a reverse warning alarm, a camera and an LCD screen, which can all greatly improve safety during operation.  Its equipped with a rubbish blade with a large capacity and mud-flaps which can improve working efficiency.  The SD22R has central lubrication, central pressure measurement and automatic track tension systems which contribute to convenient and timely observation and maintenance.
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